6 Essential Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Roof restoration

With winter looming on the horizon, now is the perfect time for all homeowners to carry out a thorough inspection of their roof. With harsh and cold weather come many potential risks for your roof, and with proper winter preparation, many of them can be avoided.

Minor damages can develop into serious problems, especially when there is snow involved, which can amount to very costly repairs. Taking the time to asses and prepare your roof for the coming winter can extend the lifespan of your roof, prevent serious damages to it, and keep it functioning throughout these cold months.

Staying ahead of problems is always the best solution, so follow these essential tips and welcome the snow prepared.

1. Inspect the Roof Edge and the Framework

The first step of your roof assessment and preparation can be inspecting its edges and framework. The roof edge is in a way your first line of defense when it comes to the roof, and having faulty edges can impact its integrity and stability. The framework of your roof should also always be completely straight and stable.

You can inspect both of these aspects first from the ground. From the ground-view, you can see if there are any inconsistencies on the edges, any obvious weaknesses, or if anything is saggy or loose. Then take a look at the framework of the roof and look for any signs of dips, curves or sagging. After that, you can head to the roof to inspect everything more closely.

Some minor signs of trouble you may be able to fix yourself, but it is always best to call a professional for this matter and have your roofer do both the inspection and the repair work.

Roof Framework

2. Inspect the Flashing

While you are on the roof, you can continue with the inspection by checking the flashing on your roof.