#1 General Contracting Services

We offer only the best quality products and services and gather a team of knowledgeable,
trained and skilled professionals who take care of every last detail of your contracting project.

What started out as a small business, founded by Jason Harper and based out of his own home in Savannah Georgia, soon expanded into a full service general contracting company. For more than 50 years of combined experience in Savannah, we have been developing, increasing the scope and quality of our services, as well as the size of our team.  

Today, we offer only the best quality products and services and gather a team of knowledgeable, trained and skilled professionals who take care of every last detail of your contracting project. We insist on their continuous improvement and education to make sure you only get the best of the industry.

Harper Special Services sees every project from beginning to end and makes sure everything goes smoothly. We are a hands-on team of professionals, providing detailed project management, helping our clients every step of the way.

Our detailed and experienced background has helped us develop an efficient and systematic approach to the construction process and project management, and it is based on the highest standards of quality, attention to detail, and just the right ratio of personal involvement and professionalism.

This has allowed us to develop a wide and trusting customer base, and to deliver on our guarantee of a highly positive client experience. Whether residential or commercial, no project is too demanding for us. We carry all of them out efficiently and successfully, no matter the budget, scale or location.

Harper Special Services is based on strong family values, transparency, integrity, reliability, and quality.



General Contracting Services We Offer


The main task of general contractors is to oversee the construction process from the beginning to its end.

Harper Special Services provides you with a personalized, on-site supervision, ensuring that everything goes according to plan. In cooperation with our clients, we manage and coordinate the budget and the design of the project, making sure everything is done within the agreed timeline, and that all the city codes, as well as the state and federal requirement, s are met.


Pre-Construction Services

Our company provides a wide range of pre-construction services, dealing with some very important aspects even before we break ground on the construction project. There are many crucial decisions to be made before the project begins, and we make sure you make the best ones so that your vision aligns with the end result.

Some of the most important pre-construction aspects we help you with are creating a proper budget, arranging the timeline and the work schedule. Additionally, we provide assistance with local, state, and federal historic tax credit, as well as with utility coordination and permitting.

We carry out constructability analyses and are experienced in value engineering, which means we help you get the best value of products and services, and ultimately the best function to cost ratio.  


Design Build

Our design/build services are based on a joint team approach to what were traditionally two different phases – design and construction. With this kind of approach, the design and construction are carried out at the same time, under the supervision of one contractor.

This way contractors collaborate with the design team, and can more easily solve issues that arise during the construction. Working together makes it easier to adapt the design to the present situation, making the end result more functional and efficient.

Design/build is an innovative approach and a welcome change that saves both time and money.


Construction Management

With our construction management services, you are guaranteed that the entire project will be carried out according to plan, in a timely manner, on the budget, and successfully.

We oversee and coordinate every aspect of the project, making sure that the best professionals are hired, that the best quality materials and equipment are used, and that the level of cooperation between the team, the suppliers, the subcontractors, architects and all other participants is on the highest level.


Residential Contractors in Savannah

With Harper Special Services every homeowner is given personalized treatment and the most professional residential services. All our designs are custom built, and we put emphasis on communication and collaboration with our clients so that their project is completed just like they envisioned.

Our residential services include construction, renovation and remodel, and we employ the highest standards of quality when it comes to both our services and the products. With great attention to detail in all phases, we ensure expedient and efficient delivery and completion.


Commercial Construction

From small to large-scale, Harper Special Services deals with all types of projects at the same level of professionalism and care. Our exceptional project management and coordination skills allow us to deal with all commercial buildings and construction projects successfully.

We utilize the latest cost-tracking systems and project analysis methods, making sure the budget and the timeline are respected, and that your buildings and facilities are feasible, functional, and efficient.

Why Choose Us

Unmatched Customer Service

All of our clients are treated with integrity and fairness, and we always try to exceed their expectations. We are at their disposal at all times during the project, and always keep an open and honest line of communication with them. Our professionalism, availability, and transparency in our relationship with the customers are what sets us apart in this industry.

High-Quality Equipment and Innovative Techniques

Being the best in the industry requires investing in the best and the latest. We have managed to stay competitive by following the highest standards of the industry and utilizing only the best equipment and the latest techniques. This allows us to provide the best, durable, premium quality and functional end-results.

Professional and Skilled Team

Nothing would be possible without a team of the best, most-skilled contractors in the business. We have a team of the most experienced specialists that will see your project from beginning to end. They are constantly learning and developing their skills, and there is nothing that they cannot do.

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