What To Do If Your Rental Floods

savannah water damage restorationIt’s a nightmare scenario that no one ever wants to have to happen to them — flooding. Beyond damaging your possessions, flooding can put you in danger, disrupt your way of life, and have lasting, long-term consequences. 

There are important differences in how you should deal with a flood depending on whether you rent or own your home. These differences can have significant implications for the effectiveness of the restoration process. 

Savannah Water Damage Restoration

From our water damage restoration experts at Harper Special Services, here are the steps we recommend for dealing with your rental if it floods. 

Safety First

Flooding can be very hazardous. Even if the flood is limited to just a small amount of water, that water can be contaminated with dangerous bacteria or can cause other health hazards throughout your home. Thus, it’s essential that you prioritize safety above all else. Fortunately, this is usually pretty simple and you can avoid most threats by simply staying away from the floodwater. Don’t let the simplicity fool you though! This is still a mistake that many people make.

Identify The Source Of The Flood

Once your safety is ensured, the very next step is locating the source of the flood and shutting off the water as soon as possible. Doing this as swiftly as possible is essential since the sooner you sto