Water Damage Restoration Richmond Hill: Garbage Disposal Leaks

water damage restoration richmond hillIt is difficult to catch a disposal leak quickly. At first, you notice a few puddles under the sink or on the floor. You clean them up, but they reappear the next time you cook or clean the sink. Maybe you catch the scent of mold. But by the time you figure out what is happening, the situation has turned into a full-on water damage emergency.

Water Damage Restoration In Richmond Hill

If you can diagnose and fix leaking garbage disposals early, you can prevent substantial water damage to your cabinets and floors. By learning about your unit and how it connects to your pipes, you can determine whether the leak is coming from the sink, the disposal unit, or somewhere else. The problem is a little harder to diagnose than a clogged sink, but it’s usually caused by a few common issues. If you have found water damage due to leaking garbage disposal, or any other source, reach out to the professional water damage restoration team in Richmond Hill right way. 

Loose Water Connections

Once you get light under there, you can see the pathways for electricity, clean water, and wastewater flowing under your sink. If the leak happens when the dishwasher is draining, the problem is loose metal clamp connections or bad rubber gaskets in the disposal drain line.  

If you see the dampness coming from the side of the unit, there is a problem with your drain lines. Look for two lines– the smaller one connects to the dishwasher, the larger is the main sewer pipe. If the leak is coming from the dishwasher hose, use a screwdriver to tighten the screws in the metal clamp. Leaks from the drainpipe usually come from a failed rubber gasket.  

A Worn Out Sink Flange

The flange