Wall Repairs And Water Damage Cleanup in Savannah

water damage cleanup savannahWater is a destructive force. When harnessed, dams can power plants. Over time, It carved the Grand Canyon, created glaciers, and in Savannah, it even floods Tybee Island every few years. And almost every homeowner has a story about when water disasters have caused a need for emergency water damage cleanup.

Water Damage Cleanup in Savannah

When a leak, broken pipe, or rainstorm collides with the drywall that makes up your interior walls and ceilings, it can make them look terrible. Sometimes it can damage the wallboard enough that it crumbles, collapses or disintegrates. And it doesn’t have to be a ton of water to cause big problems. Since drywall acts like a sponge, it will soak up water off the floor. The liquid can climb several feet up the wall.   

Before making any repairs, you need to find and fix the source of the water problem first. Then address the walls before they get weaker. 

Signs Of Water Damaged Walls

Water damage can occur slowly or out of sight, which is why it’s important to watch for signs before the water damage cleanup gets too extensive. Look for outward signs of damaged walls:

  • Yellow, orange, or brown stains come from a consistent leak
  • Brown streaks indicated water from the ceiling above 
  • Bubbles in paint or wallpaper occur on the paper front when the gypsum board is soaked
  • Larger amounts of water will cause walls to sag, buckle or even crumble. In most cases, replacing the drywall is the only option.  

Patching and Repairing

Harper Special Services will dry water-damaged walls as quick