savannah water damage restoration

Common Mistakes To Avoid During Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is a serious issue that requires immediate attention and proper restoration. If not addressed promptly and correctly, it can cause significant damage to your property and even pose health hazards. The process of water damage restoration can be complex, and it’s easy to make mistakes that can result in further damage or costly repairs. […]

savannah water damage restoration

Why You Do Not Want To Try To Fix Water Damage Yourself

Of all the disasters your home can experience, water damage can be one of the most devastating and stressful. You may discover that some of your possessions have been destroyed, your home has suffered some structural damage, and to top it all off, you might be worried about having to pay for a water damage […]

savannah water damage restoration

Understanding What To Do When It Comes To Water Damage Restoration

When it comes to water damage, the cleanup, and restoration issues that may follow, there is no shortage of concerns that may be connected to it. Many types of water damage may come in contact with your Savannah home. These may include leaky pipes or clogged drains.  Water Damage Restoration In Savannah In times like […]

savannah water damage restoration

Water Damage Should Never Be Taken Lightly

When a property is experiencing water damage, it is hard to ignore. The effects that water damage has on a home over time will begin to show and cause worse problems. Moreover, they are harder to fix the longer it is avoided. Floods can occur for a multitude of reasons including, but not limited to, […]

savannah water damage restoration

How To Prevent A Water Heater Flood

An often unthought-of scenario is a water heater bursting. Out of nowhere, the ceiling can cave in with water rushing everywhere. Unfortunately, this kind of event occurring is a lot more common than one would think, as a water heater bursting or leaking is one of the top reasons for residential water damage. Trying to […]

How Can Winter Weather Lead To Water Damage In My Home?

Winter poses unique water damage threats to your home. These threats are caused by cold temperatures, structural damage such as water freezes and unfreezes, and snow accumulation.  Savannah Water Damage Restoration From our water damage restoration professionals at Harper Special Services, here are five ways that winter weather can lead to water damage in your […]

savannah water damage restoration

What To Do If Your Rental Floods

It’s a nightmare scenario that no one ever wants to have to happen to them — flooding. Beyond damaging your possessions, flooding can put you in danger, disrupt your way of life, and have lasting, long-term consequences.  There are important differences in how you should deal with a flood depending on whether you rent or […]

savannah water damage restoration

The Process Of A Water Damage Restoration

There’s nothing like coming home and finding your ceiling has caved in with water streaming down your walls. Water damage can be very upsetting, especially when you aren’t prepared for it and have no idea how to deal with it correctly.  Savannah Water Damage Restoration After experiencing water damage, one of the most important steps […]

savannah water damage restoration

Water Damage Restoration VS Water Mitigation

Water damage can suddenly strike your home at any time. There are several ways that this happens, whether that be through natural disasters, the structural integrity of your home, or faulty appliances. No matter the situation, it will likely be necessary that water mitigation or water damage restoration services are necessary. Savannah Water Damage Restoration […]

Savannah Water Damage Restoration

How to Protect Your Home After Water Damage Restoration?

Do you know what to do after your home suffers from water damage? If not, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many homeowners aren’t sure of the best way to protect their homes after restoration work has been completed. Read on for tips on ensuring your property is safe after a professional water damage restoration.  […]