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We will come asses the type and amount of debris, give you a detailed estimate and cost appraisal, and do our best work for you.


Debris removal is an important service not only to the people who want to get rid of their excess junk and debris, but also for the environment itself, to keep it clean and healthy. Apart from that, it is also important for the safety of the local community, as some big pieces or piles can present certain dangers, especially when there are children around.

Harper Special Services expertly and efficiently deals with all of your debris, whether residential or commercial, big or small. We are a team of professionals and experienced debris removal specialists, who will make sure your house, place of business, any construction site, local natural areas, lakes or ponds are clean, healthy and safe.

We are a family owned and operated company that has been in business for more than 50 years. During that time, we have done numerous and various successful debris removal jobs, and acquired substantial experience. We have always had the appreciation and respect towards local communities, which has allowed us to thrive and develop significant local presence, earning the trust of our clients, and developing a wide client base along the way.

Harper Special Services started as a small, home-based company, and through our hard work, skills, devotion, and determination, it developed into the industry’s leader. One of our best, top rated services is debris removal, and we can guarantee its highest quality and reliability.


Debris Removal Services We Offer

Debris can pile up after different kinds of projects or events. Whether you’re wrapping up a home renovation project, remodeling, or have recently completed a major construction-related task, there is bound to be some significant debris piled up. Removing it yourself can be too hard and complicated, and you might not even know what to do with it. The best solution is to call debris removal specialist in Savannah, GA.

Harper Special Services deals with debris removal for both residential and commercial needs, whether it is a demolition project, commercial building construction, home remodeling, or simply cleaning out your garage. We also deal with all types of natural debris removal and land cleaning, such as the removal of debris from lakes and natural areas.

Our job is to take all of that out of your hands and make your location clean and safe again. We will come asses the type and amount of debris, give you a detailed estimate and cost appraisal, and do our best work for you.

Harper Special Services has the appropriate, latest, and high-quality equipment, as well as the needed manpower of highly skilled workers to take care of your debris, no matter the scope and type. We always have a team ready, and they will come prepared and equipped as soon as possible.

Our clients receive our full services, and undivided attention during the removal job, and we always see each project from the beginning to the end. We leave behind us happy customers and clean areas.


Types of Debris We Deal With

We expertly and efficiently remove all type of debris that you may encounter, including the following:

  • Savannah Tree removal: we clean land areas and lakes from all tree debris, including old timber, lumber, branches, soil, clippings, sod, and stumps

  • Demolition debris: after any type of residential and commercial demolition project

  • Household and office furniture: we will remove anything old, broken, or that you simply don’t use anymore

  • Residential and commercial construction debris removal: after any type of remodeling, renovation or construction project


Importance of Debris Removal

One of the greatest importance of debris removal is that it benefits the environment. Excess debris can seriously harm it, affect its balance, and the quality of life of its living creatures. The plant life underneath it cannot grow, and it can also block the sunlight needed for its growth.

Animals can also be affected by excess debris. It can disrupt their living areas and natural habitat and force them to move to a different place, which can negatively affect the local ecosystem.

Another important aspect is certainly the safety of the local residents. Whether it is around your home, commercial building or a lake, the debris can be dangerous and can cause injuries if handled inappropriately, especially by children. It is always recommended to call professionals to deal with it as soon as possible.

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We Specialize in All Forms of Waste and Debris

Nothing is too demanding for us, too big or too small, too bulky or inconvenient. We find the best solution for all types of debris, and clean it out quickly and adequately.


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We are not only equipped with the latest tools and premium-quality equipment, but also with substantial knowledge, experience and skills. The combination of those things is what makes us the best.


We Have an Outstanding Customer Service

We pride ourselves on maintaining our customer service on high standards of quality. We are always available, answer all of your calls, and we have an attentive crew that is always prompt and reliable.

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