Emergency Board-Up

Protect Your Property Before & After A Disaster

Nothing is more important than protecting your property from damage. Whether you need to board-up your property before a major storm, or you have damage that has left you with broken windows or other damage, our expert board-up services can help you prevent any more damage, secure your property, and give you peace of mind until repairs can be made. 

Don’t leave your property susceptible to damage or theft. Our emergency board-up service in Savannah, GA is reliable and is guaranteed to keep your property and belongings safe before or after a disaster. 

We service commercial and residential properties in a fast time frame, and we are available 24/7 for emergencies. Let us help you secure your property. We’ll work to prevent additional damage while you are free to handle other things. 

Expert Installation

We use durable materials and work quickly and efficiently to cover the damaged windows and openings. Our proper placement and suitable fastening methods will ensure that the boards last as long as you need, without inflicting further damage.

Guaranteed To Work

Our board-up service is guaranteed to secure your property to fire and police department standards after an incident. With Harper Special Services your property is in good hands!

Caring & Supportive

Harper Special Services take pride in our company and care that our clients are well taken care all throughout the project. We are always on call and will act promptly in an emergency situation.

Board-Up Broken and Damaged WIndows

It goes without saying that windows are the most obvious entry points of one’s home or place of business. Window glass is easily broken due to vandalism, debris from high winds, or during a fire. Replacing your damaged windows right away is rarely possible. Suppliers may not be available during your emergency, or you may need to pre-order windows that are specially made for your property.

In other cases, a property assessment will need to be made before the cleanup or reconstruction can begin, leaving your property vulnerable. Therefore, whenever window installation is delayed, rely on our professional board-up service for peace of mind.

Be Prepared for The Storm

It is always better to be prepared than to face the consequences! We have seen the damage that can result if one neglects to secure their home before a storm. Flying debris and wind-driven rain can quickly cause damage during a powerful storm, and it will be too hazardous to take any action until after the storm passes. Depending on the extent of the impact on the area, further delays may be possible. 

That’s why you should take action and board up your property before the storm arrives. Your home or business will be better protected, and when you rely on the expert team at Harper Special Services, you can rest easy knowing you have done all that you can do. 

We have dealt with many restorations and renovations before, and we understand the importance of the board-up process. Our professional board-up services will be completed quickly and will keep your property secure.

Hear From Our Customers

"I’ve always had very great experiences dealing with Harper’s Special Services. They have always been my go-to company for any home repairs. It’s always nice to deal with an honest company when you may be recovering from a home disaster and need things fixed in a hurry. Highly recommend."
Josh Clark
"Professional and courteous!!! These are two major qualities that you need if you need emergency services or storm/water/fire restoration work performed. They explain the process and provide updates along the way. It is nice to know that a local company is there to help you during a time of need."
Shannon Starling
"I had water damage in my home. They came in and did everything they promised. We had one issue with flooring and they took care of the problem immediately. Very friendly and stayed in communication with us. My wife and I are very satisfied and highly recommend using them!"
Terry Benton

How We Restore Your
Property & Your Peace of Mind

From assessing damages to your property to restoring it perfectly, we take care of every aspect of the restoration process.


Assess and Inspect

Immediately after your call, a team will be dispatched to the site to assess the level and severity of the damage. During this phase, we will take steps to prevent any further loss or damage to your property.


Clean Up

As soon as we have ensured the site is secure and no further damage can occur, we’ll clean and clear up any debris. This can include wall and floor drying or removal of debris in the event of storm, water, or fire damage.


Repair & Rebuild

We will completely repair your property and restore it back to its full former glory. Our team of professionals will take great care in ensuring there is minimal interference with your day-to-day life during construction.

About Harper Special Services

Fast, Local, & Experienced Restoration Pros

What once started out as a small family-owned business in Jason Harper’s garage, are now a thriving hands-on, detailed project management company. We can help homeowners and businesses to defeat the obstacles of property maintenance, restorations, and renovation.

We specialize in all types of restorations, no matter the size, including water, fire, mold, storm restoration, etc. Whether you are looking for a restoration service by itself or a company that can provide you with the full package emergency service, debris removal, shoring, board ups to restoration, then Harper Special Services are the best professionals for the job!

The techniques we follow is frequently being updated through training to ensure that our team members improve their knowledge and skills. Therefore you will be sure that we use the latest techniques that will be efficient and effective.


Not only do we regularly check to make sure our equipment is functioning and well maintained but we keep them up to date. Our equipment and tools that we use, always follow the industry standard. The materials we use for the board ups process are guaranteed to be durable and high in quality.


Our team consists of a variety of professional individuals in the contracting and renovation field, which means that they are capable of doing it all. When it comes to boarding up your home, they will secure your property as if it were their own!


Harper Special services have obtained all the permits and licenses that are needed for the services that we offer. You can trust us to bring you a high-quality service!


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