Mistakes To Avoid During Fire Damage Cleanup

fire damage cleanup savannah ga, fire damage repair savannah ga, fire damage restoration savannah gaMany homeowners in Savannah Ga feel the urge to attempt to clean up the damage right away following a fire in their homes so they can get their lives back to normal, but most do not know how or where to start. There are certain things that should, and should not, be done, and steps that must be followed in order to ensure safe, adequate, and thorough fire damage cleanup. Here are three common mistakes that homeowners make following a house fire that could lead to even more damage and problems. 

Fire Damage Cleanup In Savannah Ga

  1. They attempt to clean up the damage before notifying their insurance company.

Your home insurer will need to come inspect your property before any repairs or cleanup begin so they can get an accurate record of the damage. If you attempt to start working on the affected area before then, the insurer may not pay for all of the damages. They need proof of damages and loss, and attempting to clean anything before it has been documented, could reduce the chances of coverage. Do not even begin to throw things away until you have been authorized to do so by your insurance adjuster. You should inspect your entire property, and make a detailed list of any and all damages you find. You should also take plenty of photos to show proof of damage. Most policies require damaged property to be available for inspection, so until a detailed inventory has been taken, just hold tight. 

  1. They do not properly secure their home to prevent additional damage.

After a fire, it is important to take every precaution possible to mitigate further damage to your property. Temporary repairs and  sometimes securities need to be put in place. If your roof has been damaged, you should tarp it or find another means of cover