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Mold Damage: What Does The Repair Process Look Like?

Summer months are always such a great time full of fun, vacations, water fights, and lawn care. That wasn’t an exhaustive list but the point was that summer is supposed to be enjoyed as well as the rest of the year. Along with summer and fun comes heat and humidity, particularly for a place like […]

4 Steps to Take After Storm Damage

4 Steps to Take After Storm Damage

When a storm hits your area, whether it is a hurricane, tornado, hail or wind storm, it can leave you devastated and with significant damages on your property. Dealing with the aftermath of that storm damage can not only be difficult and stressful but also dangerous. The recovery can be challenging for the entire family […]

How to Prepare for a Wind Storm

How to Prepare for a Wind Storm

Wind storms can sometimes come suddenly and without a warning but often times, the weather forecast will warn us and give us enough time to prepare properly. Wind storms can leave some disastrous consequences on your properties, depending on their type and their strength, and cause different types of storm damages to your house. Whenever […]

How to Prevent Flooding in Your Home: 4 Leak-Proofing Tips

Keeping water out of your home is not always easy. Water can find its way through in more ways than one – from roof leaks, through plumbing problems, to little cracks in the foundations or gaps in doors and windows. You may not see any danger in a few drops here and there, in some […]

Roof restoration

6 Essential Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

With winter looming on the horizon, now is the perfect time for all homeowners to carry out a thorough inspection of their roof. With harsh and cold weather come many potential risks for your roof, and with proper winter preparation, many of them can be avoided. Minor damages can develop into serious problems, especially when […]

Fire restoration

4 Unexpected Fire Hazards You Might Find in Your Home

You may think your home is completely safe, but there may some hidden dangers lurking around it. In fact, some of these hidden fire hazards you are not even aware of are known to cause thousands of home fires every year. Devices such as smoke detectors and fire sprinklers are a great and necessary safety […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Gutters and Downspouts

Having a proper gutter and downspout system is important for every home – and nearly all of them have such a system installed. It is a very important part of a house that prevents leaks and water damages to roofs and basements. They help divert the water away from your home and serve to prevent […]