About Savannah, Georgia!

The British General James Oglethorpe founded Savannah, Georgia in 1733, which makes this city one of the oldest cities in the United States. It is a city on the coast where you will come across great history, beauty and charm. This city lies on the Savannah River, about 32 kilometers upriver from the Atlantic Ocean and it is the primary port on the Savannah River. It is also the largest port in the state of Georgia and the fifth largest city in Georgia.

Many of Savannah’s points of interests are those that have a great history behind them. This city has been through two wars, slavery, reconstruction and segregation. Most of the great history of Savannah can be discovered throughout the city in the form of monuments, historical landmarks, architecture, museums and more. If one is not up for exploring by oneself, then many historical tours will take you to the most famous historical areas in the city.

The historic district in this city has 22 squares, under which Ellis Square was demolished in 1954 and fully restored again in early 2010. Old churches and places of worship are plentiful in Savannah, and the Baptist Church, located on Chippewa Square is the oldest standing house of worship in town.

As for historic homes, many have been preserved, for example, the Olde Pink House, Sorrel-Weed House, and Wormsloe plantation. Fort Jackson was built to protect the city from attack by sea, during the 1800s. Several other forts can be found in Savannah which played a role in protecting the city from enemies, including Fort Pulaski.

It has been said that Savannah has one of the worlds most revered city plans, due to the design and layout of the city. Besides its architecture and history, the city layout itself is worth the visit. One will see greenery on every other street throughout the city and as well as streets made of cobblestone.

General James Oglethorpe designed the layout out of the squares during 1733. The east and west of the town are divided by Bull Street, where the odd-numbered buildings are on the south sides and even numbered buildings on the north side.

The city consists of diverse neighborhoods, 100 distinct neighborhoods to be exact and they all fall into six main areas, which is, Downtown, Midtown, Southside, Eastside, Westside and the Southwest. However, with plenty of hiking trails and recreational venues, Savannah is undoubtedly more than just an urban metropolitan.

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