A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Gutters and Downspouts

Having a proper gutter and downspout system is important for every home – and nearly all of them have such a system installed. It is a very important part of a house that prevents leaks and water damages to roofs and basements. They help divert the water away from your home and serve to prevent water erosion that can be caused by heavy rains and storms.

Even though it is a fairly simple system, it does require some regular maintenance and inspections. If you want to have a functioning gutter system and keep it in great working condition, you should take some time once or twice a year to inspect it and clean it. Apart from preventing damages, this will also prolong its lifespan so you won’t require a full gutter replacement any time soon.

Take a look at this guide, follow the steps described and you will have a clean and functioning gutter system, ready for the rainy season.

When Is the Best Time to Clean the Gutters?

The process of cleaning your gutters and downspouts will be much easier when the debris is dry because when it gets soaked from the rain it will be heavier and the process a bit messier. Therefore, it is best to check the weather forecast and wait for a few dry days in a row.

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Why Should You Clean Them and How Often?

A detailed inspection of your gutters is important in order to see if there are any clogs that are preventing the water from flowing freely throughout the system. A clog can be caused by many different things and types of debris, such as leaves, bird feathers, and even pine needles.

When the clog prevents the water from flowing through, the water builds up in that place, and such stagnant water can lead to greater damages to your property, to the gutter system so that it requires repairs or complete replacement, and it can also turn into