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We are a full-service company and our team of highly skilled professionals will deal with the design of the shoring, making sure everything is highly secured, meeting all of the safety requirements and standards.


Harper Special Services has developed into your top provider of temporary shoring services across the Savannah metro area. From our humble beginnings of a small home-based company, we have grown into a leader of the industry offering high-quality products and serving our wide customer base with a rich product and service offer.

Based on strong family values and integrity, we aim to serve all our clients with the care and devotion we would provide for our own family and friends. We pride ourselves with the highest level of service and dedication, and that is what sets us apart in this business.

We have a long history of over 50 combined years of temporary shoring work behind us, which is why our clients don’t hesitate to put their trust in our skilled hands. Our company is made up of the best shoring specialists, highly-qualified professionals who make sure every project is done efficiently, on time, and most importantly, in a safe and careful manner.

Even though we have grown and expanded over the decades of our existence, we are still a local, family owned and Savannah operated company that will see your project from the beginning to the end. We provide special and personalized care to each client, proper guidance, and support, and make every temporary shoring project our top priority.


Temporary Shoring Services We Offer


Temporary shoring is the process of constructing a temporary structure, in order to secure, add support, and prop a building or any other structure. This is done when the structures are at imminent danger of collapsing when their integrity is lost, when they are unsafe, or when there are some repairs being done and the structure needs added support for security. It comes in the form of a lateral wall support.

Harper Special Services provides a wide range of temporary shoring systems, and pride ourselves on building only the best, strong, durable, and quick-to-erect systems. We cover all of your shoring needs, no matter the requirements and the scope of the project.

We are a full-service company and our team of highly skilled professionals will deal with the design of the shoring, making sure everything is highly secured, meeting all of the safety requirements and standards. Apart from that, we will supply the structural support material, erect it appropriately, and make sure everything is done in a timely manner and according to the highest professional standards.


When Do You Need Temporary Shoring Services?

Temporary shoring services are usually necessary after some severe destruction or damage to the building, due to some emergencies or natural disasters, when the structure is in danger of collapsing, or due to any other accidents and damages that may disrupt the building’s integrity. Temporary shoring is then erected to prevent any further damage and to ensure the structure’s safety while you plan the future reconstruction or its renovation.

These events and natural disasters include:

  • Fires, floods, and storms
  • Soil erosion that leads to your foundations sinking or walls and ceilings collapsing
  • Car accidents, for example, when a vehicle crashes into your structure
  • Exterior walls cracking due to unequal foundation settlement
  • Walls bulging outward
  • One of the two adjacent structures needs to be demolished


Types of Temporary Shoring Systems We Use

Flying Shores

Flying shores system is used when there are two adjacent buildings and one of them has to be demolished and rebuilt. This kind of temporary shoring consists of cleats, needles, wall plates, horizontal struts or shores, and inclined struts. This system is put up between the walls of the adjacent structures and is called flying because it does not touch the ground.

Flying shore system is used when the distance between the walls is no longer than 10 meters. Our professional team will erect this system in the most efficient and safe way, making sure that the unsafe structure is appropriately secured and supported.

Raking Shores

This temporary shoring system is used on structurally unsafe walls, in the form of lateral support. Rakers, or the inclined members, are used as the main support and should be inclined to the ground at 45° to 75°. Other components include wall plates, needles, cleats, sole plate, and bracing.

Raking shores are one the most popular temporary shoring systems, but require specific considerations and installation methods, so make sure to contact your best professionals at Harper Special Services for your shoring needs.

Dead Shores

Dead shores systems provide vertical support to unstable structures, i.e. to the roofs, floors, and walls, usually when the lower part of the wall has to be removed to create an opening or to rebuild the damaged load-bearing wall.

The system consists of posts and beams that need to be firm and strong enough to hold a significant weight and provide structural support. The beams are made from timber or steel and are supported by vertical props called dead shores.

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Premium Quality Materials and Systems

We use only premium quality materials that are verified, durable and strong, and erect shoring systems that will provide structural stability and the highest level of safety to your home or other structure, for as long as it is necessary.

Unrivaled Customer Service

We provide personalized care and service to all of our clients and treat each of them as our number one priority. We are at your disposal at all times and will answer any question or doubt, and clarify any issue that may arise during the project.

Expert Team of Professionals

Our team has substantial experience, knowledge, and skills, and will make sure the highest standards of safety and quality are employed on each shoring project.

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