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We have the best renovation team in the city who can give your home or business a face-lift or renovate your property after damages caused by a natural disaster.

Harper Special Services is a certified Savannah Georgia company who can take care of general home maintenance problems. We also specialize in home restoration and renovations.

Our services are available around the clock in wide geographic area. If you are looking for a professional to renovate your home or place of business, whether it is the entire property or just a single room, Harper Special Services have the best team for the job!

Harper Special Services started off small, as a pressure washing business, but soon turned into a large company that provides multi-services throughout whole Savannah metro area.

The need for professional home restoration and renovation services grew bigger in the community, and so did our company. Today we can say with confidence that we are experts in the field, thanks to our 50 years of combined experience in the building and restoration industry. There is nothing we cannot do and together with our strong values and need to please. Our clients are always satisfied with the end product.

We have the best renovation team in the city who can give your home or business a face-lift or renovate your property after damages caused by a natural disaster. With innovation techniques and technology we ensure to the deliver only the best quality.

Harper Special Services starts every project with detailed planning, and our hands-on approach will make you feel taken care of all throughout the renovation project.



Home Remodeling and Renovation Services We Offer


Renovation ideas tend to be a long, thoughtful process as it is never an easy job. As the efficiency of your home reduces, or it lacks some new and bright changes, the idea of renovations seems to be ones only options. By renovating your space, you can increase comfort, safety, enhance the value of your property and improve efficiency and functionality. Standing means falling behind in most cases, and therefore renovation is an important aspect that can help to improve your life.

Harper Special Service can upgrade your home, office premises or your business in an easy yet reliable way. We can cover from simple facade upgrades to extensive energy-efficiency improvements. Not only will we give your property a modern look but we will implement structures and methods to ensure maximum energy-efficiency.

In the case that you need some relief after a disaster, we can provide you with the full service, including, damage assessment, debris removal, board ups, restoration, renovation, etc.

Our renovation specialist will listen to your every need, inspect your property and provide you with the best renovation options. Once you are 100% happy with the consultation, we will put the plan into action. Harper Special Services will have your renovation done is a decent time frame and will ensure that the project is completed to the highest standards.

Why Choose Us?


We Deliver Certified and Quality Work

Harper Special Services is a fully licensed company and holds all the needed documentation for the service that we offer. Therefore we are more than reliable, and you can trust that we will bring you quality work that follows industry standards. Over the 50 years of combined experience in the field, we have built up an excellent referral history from previous clients. We always do a quality assurance check after the project is completed to make sure the renovation is to our clients’ satisfaction.


Our Methods Are Fast And Efficient

Before the job begins, we already have a completion date worked out. To help us meet the deadline we use innovative techniques and technology during our renovation processes. Harper Special Services uses a tailored project management system to ensure that all renovation projects run smooth and efficient.


We Have An Experienced Team

The team of Harper Special Services comes from a construction and renovation background and therefore have a vast knowledge when it comes to home improvements. We stay on to top the game, and our crew undergoes training on a regular basis which helps them to improve their knowledge and skills. Just like renovation trends are continually changing so is our team constantly making efforts to develop their renovation skills.


Our Materials And Technology Are The Best

We do not fall behind on the job due to faulty equipment. We make sure that all the tools and equipment we need for the renovation project is up to standard before the work begins. Just like we like to invest in our team of specialist, we also invest in the best quality tools that money can buy. Furthermore, we will also find the best quality materials that will fit in with your budget without compromising efficiency.


We Care About Our Clients

Harpers Special Service always puts the needs of the client first. We make sure that what our client wants is what we deliver. By being in regular contact with our clients and keeping them informed during the renovation process, we ensure that their expectations are met. Our goal is to design you the home that you wanted within the budget you have.

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From kitchens to attics, additions and complete custom home renovations in Savannah, GA, there is no project to complex for the Harpers Special Services team. Call us at (912) 235-5671  for the renovation of your dreams!

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