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Every floor restoration project is done using the best, premium quality products and materials, with the latest equipment and innovative techniques.

Harper Special Services is your best choice of floor restoration experts in the state of Georgia. We are a highly professional company that offers the best floor restoration and installation services for both residential and commercial flooring needs.

We are a family owned and operated company that has secured its place as the leader in the area through hard and thorough work, full-service offer, and dedication to each project and client. Our team of professional flooring technicians has a combined experience of more than 50 years in the floor restoration business, and we can proudly say that they are the best of the best in Savannah metro area.

Our exceptional team has a strong work ethic, they are all great perfectionists, and will take care of your floor as if it were their own. They always get the job done in a timely manner and efficiently, and will see the project from start to finish, from the conceptualization to its completion.

We believe that through an open and constructive communication with our clients, as well as through a great balance and exchange of ideas, suggestions, professional advice and expert solutions, together we can determine the best plan for your specific flooring needs. All the flooring projects we take on are specifically tailored to meet all of your requirements and desires.

We deal with all types of floors and offer a wide range of services that are second to none. Every floor restoration project is done using the best, premium quality products and materials, with the latest equipment and innovative techniques.  


Flooring Restoration & Repair Services We Offer


Whichever type of floor you have, whether it is modern or period flooring, wood, tile, laminate, or any other, it is bound to go through some wear and tear. You have probably chosen your floors carefully, considering both the style of your home and the characteristics of the floor, and you expect it and want it to be in a good condition for a long time.  

They are, however, bound to suffer some wearing over time and due to the busy household you keep. When that happens, you don’t have to worry because Harper Special Services has the best and most capable team of floor restoration specialists in Savannah Georgia who will restore all of your floors into their former glory.

We offer a full range of restoration services for your flooring, whether it needs complete replacement, repairs, or simply some regular maintenance, such as cleaning and polishing. In all of our projects, we take great care that only the appropriate tools and restoration techniques are used, according to your type of floor. All of our products and services are high quality, from verified manufacturers, and carefully selected.

We are also very environmentally conscious, so whenever it is possible, we use reclaimed materials for your floors, such as reclaimed timber or tiles, and make sure all of our cleaning products, stain and varnish are water-based and eco-friendly.

The wide range of services our expert technicians carry out for your convenience include:

  • floor repairs
  • floor restoration
  • wood floor sanding
  • stone sealant applications
  • carpet cleaning restoration
  • ESD floor coatings
  • stone floor honing
  • diamond grinding and polishing
  • marble polishing
  • grout cleaning
  • terrazzo restoration
  • strip and sealing
  • PU sealer application
  • epoxy floor coating
  • anti-slip floor treatments
  • scratch removal
  • shot blasting
  • a full range of deep cleaning procedures on all floor surfaces




Types of Floors We Restore


  • Period floors: Victorian quarry tiles, elm floorboards, lime washing floorboards, flagstone, oak floorboards, Victorian pine, etc.
  • Modern floors: marble, limestone, travertine, terracotta tile, quarry tile, slate, flagstone, oak, pyrolusite stone, parquet, laminate, pine, wood, etc.
  • Commercial floors: in any type of commercial building and property, such as gyms, halls, retail units, our professionals will restore your floor with minimal disruption, efficiently and expediently

Why Choose Us?

Dust Free Environment

With the premium quality equipment we use and our state of the art methods, we create as little dust as possible in your home or commercial property. The sanders we use create significantly less dust than the commonly used ones, and they also come with very powerful vacuums, so that any dust that is created is automatically vacuumed. We pride ourselves on leaving your household perfectly clean so you won’t have to spend hours on cleaning when we leave.

Highly Skilled Professionals

Our fully-qualified and certified floor restoration specialist will do an outstanding job with any floor. They have a lot of experience behind them and an outstanding track record of successful projects and client satisfaction. They are professional, knowledgeable, capable, as well as courteous and very helpful. You can turn to them with any question or issue you are having with the restoration project, and know that you are in the best hands.

We Adapt to You

We are a family operated business, and we understand how any type of home renovations can affect the entire household. That is why we tend to accommodate all of your wishes and needs and create our schedule around yours. We will come when it best suits you and create as little disruption as possible to your everyday routine. We are reliable and always arrive on time, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for us or wonder if we will show up. We consult with you on every important decision, always stay on budget, and complete our projects in a timely manner within the arranged deadline.

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