Protect Your Basement From Flooding

Basements tend to get a pretty bad reputation, and are often portrayed as dark and spooky. We at Harper Special Services know that the only thing that should scare you about a basement is the risk of it flooding. By being a proactive homeowner in Savannah, you can spot and fix little issues in your basement that could lead to big water damage problems, and can help protect it from flooding. 

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  1. Inspect your foundation for any cracks. Cracks in the foundation allow water a way into your home. You should inspect the exterior of your foundation on a regular basis, and if you come across any cracks during your inspection you should get them filled. If you encounter a more serious foundation problem, be sure to call a professional so that you do not leave your home at risk for water damage.
  2. Keep water from pooling around your foundation by cleaning and maintaining gutters and downspouts. Cleaning your gutters is an essential part of water damage prevention. When debris blogs gutter and downspouts, water is not able to flow freely through them and can pool and collect against the foundation of your home. This can cause flooding in the basement, so it is important to ensure that water is directed at least 3 feet away from your foundation.
  3. Another potential source of pooling water around your home’s foundation is the slope of your yard and even the shape of your flowerbed. If your yard slopes toward your home, water will run towards your home and pool up around your foundation. With nowhere else to go, this water will eventually find its way inside. You may need to re-grade your lawn or flowerbeds to prevent this from occurring.
  4. Make sure basement windows have window well covers.