Preventing and Reducing Catastrophic Flood Damages And Restoration Services

flood damage savannah, flood restoration services savannah, flood damage repair savannahLiving in the Savannah, Georgia area comes with many perks; whether its enjoying a day at the renowned beach at Tybee Island or taking advantage of one of the many outdoor excursions available, the beautiful nearby Atlantic Ocean is generally the centerpiece. However, living in a coastal area does come with its own unique set of risks, one of which is damages from hurricanes and tidal flooding. 

The key to preventing and reducing possible water damages is understanding that flooding can happen quickly and often with very little warning. From the professionals at Harper Services in Savannah, here are a few simple steps to prepare your home to take now that may help reduce your risk.

Flood Restoration Services In Savannah

Step One:

 Use water-resistant storage containers to store items in, especially items that are of value or not easily replaceable. It’s also important to remember to place these items off the floor wherever possible. The easiest way to do this is by investing in wire storage racks. If you are short on space, most home improvement stores sell wire racks that can be hung from the ceiling.

Step Two: 

Regularly inspect your home for cracks in any brickwork or stucco, or siding that may have any gaps in it, exposing the framing of your home. Even very minor cracks or gaps can let water into your home and lead to water damage. Be sure to inspect your roofing as well for any repairs that may be needed. If you are worried about any areas of your home, it may be a good idea to hire a professional to perform an assessment and perform any