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Seasonal Savannah Storm Water Damage Relief And Repair

Spring is that golden time with perfect weather before Savannah begins to heat up, steam up and swelter. Temperatures are in the high 70s throughout April, and begin to climb up starting mid-May. But be prepared those handful of rainy days in the spring. Severe storms, accompanied by strong, harsh winds and hail can cause […]

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How To Handle A Flood Before The Restoration Services Experts Arrive

When your home in Savannah suffers from a flood, your first reaction is often overwhelming. While floods are devastating, there is some good news – Harper Special Services offers 24/7 emergency flood restoration services to respond to your flood restoration needs as soon as they occur.  Flood Restoration Services In Savannah We want to be […]

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Mistakes To Avoid During Fire Damage Cleanup

Many homeowners in Savannah Ga feel the urge to attempt to clean up the damage right away following a fire in their homes so they can get their lives back to normal, but most do not know how or where to start. There are certain things that should, and should not, be done, and steps […]

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Recovering From Fire And Smoke Damage

Fires are devastating and can destroy everything around them. We often think of all the dangers the flames bring when we think about house fires, but there is something else that can be just as dangerous and have effects long after the flames have been extinguished – smoke. Smoke damage, when not addressed correctly or […]

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Preventing and Reducing Catastrophic Flood Damages And Restoration Services

Living in the Savannah, Georgia area comes with many perks; whether its enjoying a day at the renowned beach at Tybee Island or taking advantage of one of the many outdoor excursions available, the beautiful nearby Atlantic Ocean is generally the centerpiece. However, living in a coastal area does come with its own unique set […]

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Why DIY Fire Damage Cleanup Is Hazardous

A house fire is truly a nightmare for anyone. A fire will destroy anything that it crosses paths with. A fire, whether big or small, can cause serious damage in all sorts of ways. The cleanup can be dangerous so it is important that we leave it to the professionals. “Do it yourself” fire damage […]

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Potential Water Damage To Hardwood Floors And How To Repair

Residents of Savannah love a sense of history in their homes. More than 40 percent of 2,500 buildings inventoried in Savannah have architectural or historical significance. Most restoration has been accomplished by individuals; historic